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African Wind Energy Projects

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Existing and forthcoming wind energy projects in Africa

Country Name Turbine Output Online
South Africa Darling Independent Power Producer (DarlIPP) 4 x 1.3 MW Fuhrländer 5.2 MW 2007
South Africa Darling Sustainable Energy and Employment Scheme (Darling SEES)
- Wind Farm visitor, education and training centre
250 kW Fuhrländer 0.25 MW
South Africa Klipheuwel demonstration wind farm 2 x Vestas, 1 Jeumont 3.2 MW 2002
Morocco Al Koudia Al Baida Wind Park 84 x 600 kW Vestas 50.4 MW
Morocco Abdelkhalik Torres 3.5 MW
Morocco Tanger 140 MW
Morocco Tarfayer 60 MW
Namibia ErongoRED (Mile 7 close to Walvis Bay) refurbished WindWorld 220 kW 220 kW
Egypt Zarafarana 105 x 600 kW Nordex 63 MW
Egypt Zarafana Vestas 60 MW
Eritrea Wind park Assab 3 * 250 kW 2004
Libya 20 MW
Tunisia 12 MW
Algeria Thousands of small wind pumping machines
Tunisia MADE (Spanish) 10 MW

Darling Independent Power Producer, South Africa

This project has been given National Demonstration Status by the Minister of Minerals and Energy of South Africa. Located on Moedmaag Hill, 12 km from the small West Coast Town of Darling, 75 km North of Cape Town, a visitors and education centre will be located in the vicinity, showcasing the benefits of renewable energy and sustainable development. The wind regime is such that capacity factors of 25% are anticipated, and the energy will be sold to the Cape Town authorities, who have set a target of 20% of their energy to come from renewable sources by 2020. more

Klipheuwel demonstration project, South Africa

The three turbines located at Klipheuwel near Stellenbosch in the Western Cape are owned by Eskom, constructed in 2002 as a test project for future wind energy developments in South Africa.

Al Koudia Al Baida Wind Park, Morocco

These turbines are 42m diameter, on lattice towers of heights 35m, 40m and 50m. They generate 226GWhrs per annum, 2% of Morocco’s electricity consumption. They achieve a very high capacity factor of 51%, and offset an output of 230 000 tons of carbon dioxide per annum.

Zarafarana, Egypt

Situated in the Sahara desert, this is the largest wind farm in Africa. Constructed in two phases, the first 105 turbines were sponsored by DanIDA and KfW, and used the new ‘Hot Climate’ Nordex N43 turbine design, which could cope with the high temperatures and exceptionally dry environment. The second phase was the installation of xxx Vestas turbines, adding a further 60 MW to the existing 63 MW.