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Wind Energy Applications in Eritrea

A study for: UNDP/GEF

The government is preparing a legal and regulatory framework conducive to use of renewable energy.

There is experience with other renewable energies: solar (PV), biomass (energy efficient cooking stoves), etc.

The project focuses on removing barriers (institutional, technical, capacity, awareness) to the commercialization of wind by:

Special Features:

This project has the potential to demonstrate that even in a small market within a poor country wind is a commercially viable alternative.

Wind park Assab

Year of Installation 2004
No. of Turbines 3
Rated Power of Turbine in kW 250
Total installed Power in kW 750
Total annual electricity generation in MWh/y 2,621.4
Capacity Factor % 44.3
Annual fuel savings in 1,000 l/y 681.6
Annual CO2 savings in t/y 1,700.5
Total investment cost in 1,000 US$ 1,027
Total O&M cost in 1,000 US$/y 40
Average electricity generation cost in UScents/kWh 5,4
Average electricity generation cost in Nakfa/kWh 0,73
source: UNDP, GEF

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