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Newsletter 2005/05/04

Application for the position of "AfriWEA country representative"

Dear members of kbb2!

Our association experienced steady growth in the recent time. Currently we have 126 members from 29 countries in Africa and major countries leading in the wind energy sector worldwide. For our future activities we need professional coordination in each country to promote a sustainable future with renewable energies. At the present time, 20 engineers from 10 different African countries are on one-year training in Germany as wind project engineers. Please click here for further information on the InWEnt course »Wind turbines for decentralised power supply and grid connected wind farms«. The course includes a one-day workshop focussing on project implementation 23rd of May. If you have proposals on topics to be discussed, please contact us.

Last month we had 327 unique visitors on our website – doubling the number of January.

To continue steady growth and to enable extending our activities we are asking you for active participation in your wind energy association. Please send your questions and suggestions as well as available information to us. As you have experienced we are in the process of establishing a regular newsletter. This newsletter depends on regular input from Africa and worldwide. It should no be a one-way newsletter, but a bidirectional platform of communication that is open to you for our common objective. Please send the information to be forwarded or to be included on the website. A strategy of free membership strongly relies on the active participation of everybody involved. Lacking financial support is one of our key problems that needs to be solved. We depend on voluntary financial contributions and sponsoring from companies.

The kbb2 board supports the initiative to announce one representative of kbb2 for each country on the African continent. The representative should be the local contact person for the kbb2 secretariat, organize events and promote renewable energy projects in her or his country. For the process of election we invite our members to apply for this position by sending in a presentation about (wind) energy in her or his country. The size should be about three written pages or more. This information is intended for publication on our website and should give general information of the energetic situation in the country, the present application of wind energy and prospects for the future. Please include pictures, diagrams, links to online information, addresses of companies and institutions active in the renewable energy sector if available.

Among the information that reaches us by the end of May we will elect individuals based on the quality of data submitted. We will notify the applicants in June as soon as possible. In the future we might repeat this process of election to adapt to changed circumstances in the countries.

If you have further questions, please contact us. We will be communicating with you in the near future.

Best regards,
Hermann Oelsner (kbb2 President)
Holger Peters (kbb2 Webmaster)