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Newsletter #1 (2003/12/17)

Dear Members and Friends of kbb2,

With great joy and relief I can report back now that the African Wind Energy Association had a very successful 2nd World Wind Energy Conference in Cape Town last month.
This conference was a financial success which will enable us to recover the cost for the build up and laying of a solid foundation for the Association as a legal, functional entity.
On the last day of the conference the 1st General Meeting was held and attended by fourteen delegates (see attached attendance register). It was extremely difficult to find a suitable time slot and venue due to the very busy conference and side event programme and I take full blame for the rather unorganised and poor conduct of the meeting.
Please accept this as first steps and a beginning – it can only get better.
A copy of the DRAFT AIDE MEMOIRE drawn up by member Alan Yates is attached hereto.

The Association has at today’s date 70 members from 19 different countries.

The present founding board members are:

Sacha Cook* Kenya
Hermann Oelsner* South Africa
Galal Osman* Egypt
Klaus Knecht* Germany
Mohammed Muntasser Libya
Nkosana Ndaba* Botswana
Robert Schultz Namibia
Arthur Shipalana* South Africa
Elvis Zekeri Nigeria
(* signed and ratified kbb2 constitution)

The interim committee:

Acting Director Hermann Oelsner
Legal Advisor Johan van den Berg
Financial Requsition orders to board for approval
Signatories: Alan Yates, Arthur Shipalana, Hermann Oelsner

The Oelsner Group’s office facilities will continue and be the secretariat until further notice:

P O Box 313
Western Cape
South Africa
Tel +27 22 492 3095
Fax +27 22 492 3095
e-mail will soon change to identity:
web site (under construction)

Some immediate tasks and activities

have been allocated already and are proposed to be led and co-ordinated by:

Nick Ndaba/Sacha Cook Fund Raising
Alan Yates/H Oelsner Fresh Air News letter/News flashes
Sacha Cook NEPAD – participation of wind in regional policy
Mosad Elmissary** Development of specific activities for regional co-operation
Ilyas Omar** Capacity Building Initiatives
Tony Okpokam** Strategy for Wind/Renewable Energy to include multinationals
H. Oelsner/Sharon Acutt Activities coordination/Admin/Secretarial
Bernard Siepker** Assessment of Southern Africa Wind Resources
H. Oelsner/Sharon Acutt Assessment of African Wind Resources
(** proposed persons please to confirm by return)

The immediate tasks and activities of the secretariat in Darling will be the preparation of the 1st Annual General Meeting of the association to be held late March or April 2004.
Finally the most important activity for all of us is to recruit new members. Especially recruitment numbers by board members will be a measure for their individual performance.
From experience in the past it was learned that to collect individual membership fees is very time consuming and costly and never even covers the amounts to be received.
It was therefore proposed for test purposes to wave membership fees for 2003 and 2004 and rather concentrate on lobbying for donor funding and corporate subsidies.

I take this opportunity to wish you all, your family, friends and colleagues a peaceful festive season and a successful happy New Year,

Hermann Oelsner

May I share this quote with you:
“And among His Signs is this, That He sends the winds as glad tidings, giving you a taste of His Mercy (ie rain), and that the ships may sail at His Command, and that you may seek of His Bounty, in order that you may be thankful.”