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In August 2005 Fortis installed a complete wind/waterpumping system in Mozambique. The system consist of 2 Fortis Montana 5 kW wind turbines, with 18 m guyed tower, controllers, fusebox, battery bank of 400 Ah/120V, 20 kVA sinewave 3 phase inverter and complete pump system with 2 submersible pumps of 3,5 kVA and suitable to pump 10 m3/hour from 100 m well. Fortis supplied the system as a complete turnkey system. The system will also be used for lighting and tools in the farm house and the workshop.

The system is installed at a new farm to produce Aloe Vera. The new farm is developped about 200 km west from Beira, the largest harbour of Mozambque. The farm has an area of 5000 Ah but only small part will be used for the production of Aloe Vera. At the farm also a processing plant will be build for the production of Aloe Vera gell from the plant. Therefor the Dutch company Pieralishi will supply the required equipment. Because the farm is sett up in an area in Mozambique which has a low development, the local people will be educated and trained for farming, hospital and schools will be build but also enviromental issues are involved like the Aloe Vera will be producesed without or a minimum of fertilizer and poisin.

The project is sponsered by the Dutch government in the PSOM program. The PSOM program is ment to sett up busisness in developing countries with Dutch technologie and Dutch support. In general one or more Dutch companies with a local company start a cooperation and write a proposal. Two times a year there is a request for tender. More about PSOM you can read at The grant is in general 50 to 60% of the project costs.

This wind/water pumping project is the first Fortis porject in Mozambique. In the past ( 15 years ago) a Dutch NGO has been involved in the development and production of mecanical water pumping windmills in Mozambique. Further there are no develoments for the use of wind energy in Mozambique. The wind resources are very good in Mozambique, especial along the coastline. The coast line is about 2700 km long and the electricity distribution is of poor quality if it exists.

Along the coast many tourist settlements are developped, but power is in general a problem. Dieselgenerators are a sollution but are not efficient and also noisy. For farmers the wind turbines are in general to expensive. Only with support from Dutch governmenet or from EU it is possible to sell wind turbines for water pumping to the farmers. Other applications in Mozambique for wind energy are telecom repaiter stations, light houses, army, off shore application, kathdic protection and many others. Wind energy is cheaper than solar energy and creates more local business and jobs, because the wind turbines can be partly produced local. Training and import of new technologies makes it possible to produce also other products which creates new jobs Also installation and service will create many jobs. Wind energy is very benefitual for Mozambique.

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