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Company presentation - What is Ammonit?

Quality management

Ammonit has established objectives and principles to ensure the constant development of its products. Ammonit is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. We work to provide the highest quality and reliability for our customers.


Name Ammonit Gesellschaft für Messtechnik mbH Ammonit Gesellschaft für Messtechnik mbH
Address Paul-Lincke-Ufer 41
10999 Berlin
Contact Tel. ++49 (0)30 612 79 54
Fax ++49 (0)30 618 30 60
Formation 1989

Our guidance

Many years of experience with wind measurement technology have shown us how important certain key factors are for the correct location analysis. By taking these into account before purchasing and installing measuring systems, many mistakes can be avoided without any additional costs. Often the secret lies in having the necessary knowledge before you start...

Since 1989 Ammonit GmbH has been developing and producing meteorological measuring equipment, with products ranging from wind computers for the investigation of potential sites for wind power generators, through to multichannel data loggers for all the measurements related to power generation and the complete range of data required in meteorology, climate research and monitoring. We specialise in precision data loggers and peripherals for wind energy prognoses. Our first wind computer WICOM established itself as standard in the professional sector - today our products are in use all over the world. We supply leading manufacturers of wind energy plants and international experts and research institutes.

We have summarised here some points drawn from many years of practical experience and from in-depth discussions with specialists in this field. The advice is intended to help you answer key questions for accurate wind measurements and energy predictions, such as:

Even where it is not feasible to set up the best possible measuring system, whether for financial or technical reasons, the information can help you to assess the scope and limitations of the set up you choose. Of course, this short text is not able to cover in full everything involved with setting up wind parks, or replace the advice of an experienced, professional wind expert. We urge you to seek the guidance and support of an expert at an early stage.